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Frequently Asked Questions

Guests often have questions regarding their accommodations and what to expect at particular properties, so hopefully this info will prove helpful.  For first-timers, this is to help you understand the differences between properties that you can choose from and to acquaint you with the B&B concept.  Bed and breakfast properties are not little hotels.  Each property offers a unique experience in ambiance, cuisine, hospitality and comfort.  Feel free to e-mail or call us with any additional questions you may have.

What is a B&B or Bed and Breakfast?

The PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International) defines a Bed and Breakfast or B&B as being usually owner operated with four to twenty rooms available for guests.  The building’s primary use is for business.  Breakfast is the only meal served and only to overnight guests.

Behr House Bed and Breakfast is a B&B with 5 guest rooms/suites available for overnight guests.  Husband and wife, Jim and Shelley have chosen to devote their time to making your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Will I have to share a bathroom?

When researching a bed and breakfast to visit, always inquire about private baths.   “Private bath” does not always mean “in-room”.  At some properties, your bathroom may be across or down the hall.

Behr House has only one shared bathroom (shared by Sophie’s Suite and Emma’s Room). All other accommodations have private in-room bathroom with shower, tub or both.

What can I expect to be served for breakfast?

No two bed and breakfasts are alike when it comes to serving breakfast.  Many B&Bs serve a continental breakfast which is a light morning meal usually offered buffet style and consisting of a bread product or two, fruit, fruit juice, coffee, and tea.  Others may offer a full hot breakfast either as a sit-down breakfast or buffet.  There are only a handful of B&B establishments in Fredericksburg that offer full hot breakfast as part of the room rate.   Be sure to inquire if there is any question as to what a particular B&B is offering for breakfast items, if any, and the serving format.  Also, if you have any special dietary restrictions you must let the property know in advance so they can prepare for your visit.

At Behr House, we pride ourselves in serving guests a delicious and freshly made full hot breakfast. It’s our pleasure to prepare and serve a 2-course sit-down breakfast each morning to our guests. Service times are either 8:30 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. and your host will ask your preference upon check-in. Meals are served in the Great Room around a traditional farmhouse table or can be taken outside to eat on our beautiful patio, weather permitting. Coffee and hot tea are available at 7:30 a.m. each morning. Each breakfast will vary, but may include a selection of breakfast breads, fresh fruit or fruit smoothie, and a hot entrée, usually an egg, cheese, and veggie dish, accompanied by breakfast potatoes or waffles, and sausage. Keep in mind that the host reserves the right to vary the menu, but will always strive to provide delicious meals with fresh ingredients, some from our own raised garden beds. If you have any special dietary needs, such as gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, please include that information in the appropriate section with your room reservation or call or e-mail the host directly to discuss.

Will I have to interact with other guests?

At a traditional bed and breakfast, you may or may not have interaction with other guests based upon particular property configurations.  Some people love visiting traditional B&B’s for the opportunity to meet other people.  Others come to a B&B for quiet, relaxation, and/or a romantic getaway.  Inquire about accessibility to common areas and ask if there are specific times these areas are available for guests to enjoy.  For B&B’s providing full breakfasts, you will find that they may be served at a specific times and you may be asked which seating you’d prefer.  Some B&B’s have one set time or time frame that breakfast is served.  Some properties serve breakfast family style with all guests seated together, while others have dining options.

At Behr House, our breakfasts are served family style around a large farmhouse table, or weather permitting, guests may choose to dine on the patio.   There are a variety of areas, both indoors and outdoors, for guests to enjoy by themselves or with the other guests.  The Great Room common area has multiple seating arrangements as well as the outdoor patio and pavilion.

What are common areas?

Most traditional bed and breakfast properties offer “common areas” or places around the property that guests may access freely. Depending on the type of B&B, this space may be shared with the owners or may be a totally separate space for guests. Some properties offer televisions in the common areas and not in the individual guest rooms. The outside areas may be separated into guest space and private owner’s area.

At Behr House there is a spacious and bright Great Room with multiple seating arrangements and a big screen TV, limestone fireplace, and a soaring 25’ vaulted ceiling that is available to guests. Guests also have lots of space outdoors on the 4.8 acre property to enjoy. There are both a patio and pavilion with seating to enjoy the lovely garden and grounds while watching the beautiful sunset, reading a book, visiting, or sipping a glass of wine. A fire pit or chiminea are also available for guests. You will very likely see your hosts, Shelley and Jim and their dog Bear around the property as they prepare for breakfast, water the outdoor plants, or feed the chickens.

What about pets?

Some B&B properties allow pets with some restrictions and usually charge a pet fee.  Others have resident pets and do not allow outside animals.  If you are looking for a pet-friendly property, make sure to ask in advance.  Also, if you are allergic to animals, be certain to ask if there are pets in residence.

At Behr House, we do not allow pets of any kind, but can make recommendations for local boarding facilities for your pet upon request. Note that we do have a loving dog on property. 

Will smoking be allowed?

Each B&B property handles smoking differently.  Some do not allow smoking anywhere on the grounds of the property.  If you are a smoker, ask if there are restrictions which may affect your stay.  If you are an avid non-smoker or have allergies to cigarette smoke, ask about the smoking policy to ensure your comfort during your stay.

The Behr House recognizes the rights of both non-smokers and smokers.  There is NO SMOKING allowed within the main house, its guest rooms, or Behr barn.  This applies to cigarettes, as well as vapes and e-cigarettes.  We also do not allow candles, incense or any other open flame device.  If you are renting the Behr Barn, smoking is allowed outside in the private courtyard.  For those guests staying in rooms in the main house, we allow smoking in the pavilion off the back patio.  We ask for guests to use ash trays and dispose of their butts in the receptacles provided.

Are children welcome?

The policy on children varies greatly from B&B to B&B.  Many decorate with antiques and collectibles, so infants and small children would be discouraged from these properties for obvious reasons.  Another factor involving children is the noise.  Many couples travel to B&B’s to celebrate their romance.  They may have left their own children home and look forward to an escape from the shrill voices of children.  There are also families who enjoy traveling to B&B’s as a “home away from home”.  Find out who the “regular” guests are to determine if the property will be comfortable and appropriate for you.

At Behr House, the majority of our guests are adults seeking privacy and quiet.  For that reason, children 15 years or older are welcome.

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