About Your Hosts

Your hosts Shelley, Jim, and their daughter Katie, or more specifically Shelley, are fulfilling a 30-year long dream of owning and operating a B&B. It all began when living in England when Jim was based there while a pilot in the Air Force. They traveled extensively during that 3-year tour of duty and stayed at numerous B&Bs and country inns in the small villages and charming English countryside. They experienced the essence of being B&B travelers; the quaint guestroom, the warm and cozy main gathering area, breakfast served in a common area amongst all the other guests, and a kind and gracious innkeeper.

Once returning stateside, their preference was to continue choosing B&Bs for their travel stays, whether home or abroad. Jim continued his aviation career and Shelley worked in the hospitality industry for 27 years in order to gain experience to one day own that B&B that she dreamed of.

Shelley, Jim and Katie first saw the 1348 Royal Oaks Loop property when it was on the market fall of 2018. In their mind, it was ideal as a home as well as their future B&B. The timing wasn’t quite right, however and the property went off the market. But a year later the deal was done and the family moved from their Austin home and began 6 months of renovations, landscaping, furnishing/decorating, and general sprucing up.

Shelley and Jim welcomed their first guests to Behr House Bed and Breakfast in June 2020. They have since hosted hundreds of gracious and kind folks from around the state, country and world. It’s been their pleasure to share their little “peace of heaven” in the Texas Hill Country.

About Your Hosts

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